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Atsushi Tamura

A multi-talented star, rising to the top of the media world!

Atsushi Tamura started as an MC on the popular TV program LONDON HEARTS, and is making his mark in various well-known media outlets. Of course he's busy in the comedy scene, but he also has plenty of other talent across different fields, including playing in a band and doing other social projects. We ask Atsushi-san about everything from fashion to his unexpected Onitsuka-freak status!
So, you like Onitsuka shoes?
I have seven pairs. Of those, I like my pastel pink high-cut sneakers most. Onitsuka's pink isn't too loud, but they still add a nice strong accent to my feet; plus the Onitsuka label lends its own flavor, and overall it's a really nice balance.

What did you think of what you're wearing?
The terrycloth material really feels nice! I think I'll buy this for myself. Actually this is the first time I've worn any Onitsuka Tiger clothes, I was never really interested in them (laughs). Oh, but the other day I got some Onitsuka Tiger socks for the first time. To be honest I wasn't really into it, I was like, "Am I really going to show my socks?" (laughs). But I didn't want to make a decision before actually wearing them, so I went ahead and bought them. Once I paid for them, I was like, "Yeah, all right."
Oh, you didn't like them! (smiles)
There are a lot of things that sell well just because of the brand name, right? I don't like the idea of companies being like, "Let's make a popular T-shirt!" or "Let's make a hot new pair of socks!", I hate it when people buy into that kind of thing. I just don't get that kind of mindset (smiles).

So, how was it when you actually wore the socks then?
They were actually pretty good (laughs). Sometimes for short socks, like ankle socks, the heel pulls off and slides down into your shoe, right? So for Onitsuka Tiger socks I was wondering whether they have sturdy construction for parts like that. It was a relief to see that they do (smiles).
So, Atsushi-san, are you really into fashion then?
No, I can't really say that I'm a big fashion guy or anything…. I don't really think people should make that much of an effort when it comes to appearance or fashion trends. I get tired of seeing people who overdo it with that kind of thing.
Just pull something out of the closet or shoe rack and put it together with an outfit, so it's kind of stylish with minimal effort... I think that's a pretty cool approach.

Well you look really stylish, so that's kind of unexpected.
Yeah, I often hear that. They say things like, "Oh, you're really into fashion" or "Hey, you look nice", things like that. When I hear those kinds of comments, I'm just like, "Whoa, what's going on?", it makes me a little uneasy (laughs). I want to be more laidback, but people keep telling me how stylish I am (smiles).
So when you're picking out clothes, there isn't anything in particular that you tend to like?
Yeah. I'm not really using any kind of style format as a model, and I've never worn the current hot colors… I just don't understand that scene at all (laughs). But I do try to wear age-appropriate things, since I'm 41 (smiles). I don't want to wear anything too flashy, or something that looks too young for me.

Speaking of age, what do you think is the difference between people who look young, and people who try to look younger than they are?
To be honest, I don't think fashion will make much of a difference with that. Someone who dresses younger than they are isn't going to automatically feel younger… I think you can tell people who approach life with determination and passion by the way they look. I sometimes see people who try to make themselves look young by dressing a certain way, but I don't think that alone makes much of a difference.
Are there any older guys whose style you'd like to emulate?
No one at all (laughs). I don't even know what I'll be like ten years from now, let alone what kind of fashion look I'll be wearing.
I don't have any fashion role models, but I do admire great historical figures. Like Takasugi Shinsaku, Sakamoto Ryoma, and Date Masamune. I'm interested in people who lived during the Meiji Restoration in particular. No one currently alive though, everyone I like is dead (laughs).

We'll be bringing you some more of Atsushi Tamura's private life in next month's edition of Look.2!
Atsushi Tamura
Atsushi Tamura
Date of birth: December 4, 1973
Blood type: O
Hometown: Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Interests: Castles, Computers