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Ayaka Miyoshi

Her appeal is her sophisticated look and outstanding fashion sense.
An interview with Ayaka Miyoshi, the focus of the new TSUBAKI commercial.

Continued from last month, an interview with hot new upcoming actress Ayaka Miyoshi.
Her cool expression would make you never believe she's only 18 years old, but at the same time, she has a side of her with an unexplainable fear. We get personal in this month's interview, where we bring you the real Ayaka Miyoshi, and she tells us about an experience that has had a lasting influence on her personality.
Nice work with that shoot! What did you think when you had a look at it afterward?
I love the street look and sneakers too, and the outfit was really cute, so I had a lot of fun. We were shooting outside, so luckily the weather stayed nice, and I was able to do a lot of poses and expressions, so that was good.

How do you feel about this month's outfit?
Today I was wearing a gray dress, but it was just my style, so it almost didn't even seem to be that color. I also love red, the relaxed look, the three-quarter length sleeves; everything was nice. I was wearing sneakers, but my bare legs were showing, giving it a more girly look, they were really cute.
What kind of fashion do you like for guys?
Basically I like it when guys match a fashion image that suits their own looks, but overall I like stylish guys. Guys that look good wearing long sleeves tend to catch my eye. Or long coats, or cardigans. I also like when guys skillfully accessorize with small items. Guys who incorporate a clutch bag well into their outfit look nice. The other day I was in Harajuku shopping and there was a guy wearing black skinny pants with a red checked shirt tied around his waist, wearing a motorcycle jacket, and carrying a clutch bag. I thought, "Wow, what an outfit!", that guy really left an impression on me.

What kinds of things do you do on your days off?
I like taking walks, going shopping, just going out in general. I'm usually not at home. But when I am at home, I like listening to music or cooking. But it's not some nice food like the kind of thing you'd see on Instagram or anything (laughs). I'm going to have my mom teach me more cooking!
(Ayaka Miyoshi tells us about this and that)

What's your favorite color?
--> White

What's your favorite flower?
--> Gerbera

What's your favorite place?
--> The station platform. Not the subway or anything, I like station platforms where you can see outside.

What's your favorite food?
--> Fermented food
Is there someone that you like?
--> There are a lot of people. In terms of personality and appearance, I like actress Amber Heard.

Is there any kind of food you don't like?
--> Green peas. It's usually in mixed vegetables and other things, but I really don't like it!

What kind of person do you dislike?
-->I don't think there's any specific kind of person I dislike. But I don't like guys with no manners. Also, flashy guys (laughs). I like serious guys.

Actually, that's the kind of person I am.
--> A lot of people tell me that I'm very calm and have it together, but actually I'm a big crybaby. Like, I can't be at home alone; if I hear the slightest little sound, I say ""What was that!"" and call my parents right away (laughs). Or, say the power goes out, or the light in my room suddenly turns off, I just can't handle it. Even I think it's a ridiculous personality trait (laughs).
The special two-month interview series featuring Ayaka Miyoshi started in April! Stay tuned for the next special coming up in June!
Ayaka Miyoshi
Ayaka Miyoshi
Ayaka Miyoshi
Born June 18th, 1996 in Saitama Prefecture. A Seventeen magazine model. Her major appearances include the TV dramas Lost Days and GTO, and the movie Tabidachi no Shimauta - 15 no Haru.
She received her first Best New Actor Award at the 35th Yokohama Film Festival for performance in Good Morning Everyone!