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Chinami Suzuki

She charms her fans with her carefree smile and great fashion sense.
An interview with Chinami Suzuki, an actress who is breaking new ground.

Chinami made her breakthrough performance on TOP OF THE WORLD, a popular segment from the show Mezamashi Doyobi. Chinami Suzuki is full of energy and exudes a bright, healthy image, but in her current drama FIRST CLASS, she plays a villainess. We ask Chinami about her active lifestyle, including fashion, the inside scoop on her drama, and other things.
So, could you tell us about what you wore today?
The eclectic look, with the tweed jacket was a new look for me. The combination with the silhouette pants and high-cut shoes made a perfect match, so that was really nice. This season’s look seems to be a kind of disheveled match of something nice with something more casual, so I thought that outfit pulled it off perfectly.

It was a cute, kind of unkempt image.
Yeah, I guess I have a kind of “cute” image with most people. In private, I just wear jeans and pants most of the time, so there’s no chance of having a mismatched look or any kind of incongruity with that! (smiles) The look today was a little different, so it was fun to wear something a bit more sophisticated!
If you were going to go out wearing this outfit, what kind of place would want you go?
I’d go shopping! If I looked this nice, I’d want everyone to see me. (smiles) The accessories are nice too, and with the sneakers, it’s comfortable for walking, so I could see myself walking around window shopping all day.

What was the atmosphere like on the set of FIRST CLASS?
It was a mix; in the drama, I was the villainess, so that speaks for itself. But in the staff lounge, it was very peaceful. Everyone was pretty open for the most part, so it was pretty laidback.
When you prepare for a role, what kind of things do you have to keep in mind?
In order to enjoy making my facial expressions as the villainess, I think about different variations, like “Okay, today I need to make a cruel gaze like this” or “I think I’ll purse my lips like this”. Also, I need to remember to straighten my back and take on the posture of a “tough woman”, in order to really look the part. I can’t have any other villainesses upstaging me!

You have a nice, straight back, but your fashion is on point too, isn’t it?
Oh, is it? (smiles) When I play a journalist, most of the clothing is very plain, with a lot of black and white. But if the designs are nice, and the material is fun, you tend to look carefully, and become more involved in the program. I’m happy that viewers can also enjoy the different styles and fashion of each character.
I imagine you’re quite busy with filming, but if you had a week off, what would you do?
I really want to take an overseas trip! For TOP OF THE WORLD, I went to 22 countries, but I’ve never been to Italy. So if I had some time off, I’d like to travel around Italy with my parents.
Do you have any goals or targets for the future?
I’m able to do all kinds of entertainment work; modeling, acting, reporting. But as a professional entertainer, I’d like to broaden my horizons, and add even more to my repertoire. Also, I work very hard, so I want take care of myself, and stay healthy, both mentally and physically.
Chinami Suzuki
Chinami Suzuki
Chinami Suzuki: Born on September 26th, 1989. Hometown: Gifu Prefecture
Chinami Suzuki was selected in 2009 to model exclusively for Kodansha Corporation’s with, and continues to do so currently. In 2010 Chinami was chosen to be a swimsuit campaign girl for the Toray Corporation. She makes regular appearances on the “Chinami Detective Bureau” for Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV Aqua, and also on Mezamashi Doyobi, as well as various TV commercial appearances such as for Nippon Rentacar and DHC. She’s also currently acting in FIRST CLASS on Fuji TV.