Onitsuka Tiger announces special collaboration with anime Urusei Yatsura

Costume collaboration with the anime as well as simultaneous release of a special movie based on an original story


Onitsuka Tiger announces a special collaboration with the anime Urusei Yatsura.

Onitsuka Tiger is collaborating on the costumes for completely new episodes of the anime Urusei Yatsura. The programs are being broadcast on Fuji Television’s “noitaminA” and elsewhere, starting on Thursday October 13th, 2022. In the first episode, in a scene involving a game of tag, an activity associated with the original work, Onitsuka Tiger’s iconic MEXICO 66 model shoes are worn by the hero Ataru Moroboshi. In the third episode, scheduled to air on Thursday October 27th, Lum sports a pair of chunky, original anime-designed shoes based on the unique DELECITY model.


※From Episode One, “Kakemeguru Seishun/Zettai Zetsumei”

Commemorating this collaboration, the anime creation team and Onitsuka Tiger have worked together to create and present a special movie with a completely original story and key visual.

In the movie, Lum and Ataru appear in a completely original Onitsuka Tiger story set in “Neo-Shibuya,” a Shibuya of the near future, with the action unfolding amidst the backdrop of a virtual store inspired by the existing Onitsuka Tiger store in Shibuya. The anime is produced by David Production, which also produces the anime Urusei Yatsura.



In conjunction with the anime, three collaborative items in limited quantities will go on sale beginning on Saturday October 29th in most though not all stores and in the online store. Seven hundred pairs of DELECITY with tiger stripes symbolizing both Onitsuka Tiger and Urusei Yatsura will be sold in fifteen countries around the world. Sweat tops and a tote bag with the key visual will be available in Japan only.

For purchase details, check Onitsuka Tiger’s official online store.

In conjunction with the start of sales of goods on Saturday October 29th, “Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 2,” a temporary pop-up store, will operate from Saturday October 29th to Sunday November 6th.

Visitors will be able to experience the world through the lens of the “Neo-Shibuya” depicted in the movie, and to view displays connected with this collaboration.


    Item: DELECITY
    Item Number: 1183C073.750
    Price: 26,400 yen (tax included)
    Sizes: 22.5cm-29.0cm, 30cm, 31cm


    Item: SWEAT TOP
    Item Number: 2183B205.100
    Price : 24,200 yen (tax included)
    Color: WHITE
    Sizes: M, L


    Item: TOTE BAG
    Item Number: 3183A971.100
    Price: 8,800 yen (tax included)
    Color: WHITE
    Size: OS

Be sure to experience the cultural fusion of fashion and anime developed by Onitsuka Tiger and Urusei Yatsura from shared Japanese roots.

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