Sep 08 2022

Onitsuka Tiger appears again in 2022 on the ULTRA JAPAN Park Area Stage

Onitsuka Tiger announces the revival of a collaboration with urban dance music festival ULTRA JAPAN 2022, the “ULTRA PARK STAGE in Collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger,” being held for the first time since 2019 after a three-year absence.

Launched in 2014, ULTRA JAPAN attracted more than 530,000 visitors during the first six events. This year’s event is the seventh in the series. Being held for the first time in three years, the event takes place over two days, Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th, at the Tokyo Odaiba Ultra Park II.

In t
he twelve-year sexagenary cycle, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, the brand symbol of Onitsuka Tiger. In commemoration, we’ve prepared a variety of contents with the motif of the zodiacal tiger that will greet site visitors. The park consists of four areas, with the themes of passion, excitement, play and healing. A huge, photogenic balloon in the form of a beckoning tiger rises in the center of the park. Live performances are on tap, including welcome greeters positioned in front of the stage and calligrapher MAMI, who will create works on a huge canvas. There is also an interactive area for visitors, and under preparation is a chill forest area for taking breaks while surrounded by greenery. There will be many artists from around the world, creating a spine-tingling space fusing music, fashion, art and performances.

ULTRA PARK STAGE in Collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger, with its Onitsuka Tiger-influenced worldview, will transmit music, fashion, art and performances from Japan to the world. The motif is that of the zodiacal tiger, which legend tells us brings good luck in each Year of the Tiger in the sexagenary cycle. Be sure to enjoy the new interpretation Onitsuka Tiger brings you through ONI TORA PARK.

Dates: September 17th (Saturday) and September 18th (Sunday)
Location: TOKYO ODAIBA ULTRA PARK Ⅱ (Aomi, Koto-ku)
Open/Closing Times: 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. (Provisional schedule)

  • Ticket Prices: General Admission, one day 18,000 yen; VIP, one day 35,000 yen
  • Site for Ticket Purchases:
  • ※*Sales end when all tickets sold

Official Site:
Sponsor/Planning/Production: ULTRA JAPAN 2022 Executive Committee

All information current as of September 8, 2022 (Thursday)
Subject to revision of every event specification and changes in content. Thank you for your understanding.

Calligrapher. Native of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Began studying calligraphy at the age of nine. Has strongly absorbed influences from Japan’s hip hop culture and other elements from a variety of perspectives, creating her own unique style. Has continued producing revolutionary works unrestricted by boundaries even while respecting traditional practices. Boasts various collaborations and exhibitions in Japan, and is also active globally.

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