Jun 21 2022

Latest collection unveiled at flagship New York store

THE ONITSUKA: Onitsuka Tiger’s luxury line
An unveiling event was held at our flagship store in New York, the GREENE STREET STORE.

The GREENE STREET STORE is located in Soho, home of shops and art galleries on the cutting edge even by New York standards and a gathering place for those attuned to trends. We invited influencers, artists, editors of first-rate publications and fashionistas to attend.

With the event being held at a store, the entire site was covered with items from the latest collection. On display were eye-catching shoes of the season such as Redline, with its distinctive iconic red color, refined monotone-style brogue shoes, and leather slip-on styles perfect for the upcoming season. Participants freely enjoyed the world of THE ONITSUKA, taking shoes in hand and inspecting them closely, or trying them on and then being photographed.

This event was produced with minute attention to Japanese aesthetics. One after another, participants stopped to inspect large arrangements of flowers placed within the store, emanating beauty and strength. Delighting their eyes and palates were food items inspired by Japanese cuisine, supplemented with green tea, roasted green tea and sweets.

【What event participants had to say】
Press Director Jessica Wu, Press Director: It’s easy to create fashion ensembles using THE ONITSUKA items. The wedge shoes are extremely light and easy to wear.

Manami Kinoshita, Model: I was astonished at the number of non-sneaker items. The shoes are really comfortable, perfect for everyday use.

Bon Duke, Director/Photographer: I was familiar with Onitsuka Tiger, but not THE ONITSUKA. The shoes are cleanly designed and extremely comfortable.

THE ONITSUKA has exemplified Japanese craftsmanship and sublimated it into luxury fashion. At the Greene Street Store event, we demonstrated these qualities to an even greater number of people.