Aug 03 2014

[Special limited edition offer] The Colorado Eighty-Five, in special colors available only at directly-managed outlets!




The sporty and functional Colorado Eighty-Five is now available in limited-availability colors, only at directly-managed shops.

Bright purple is matched with white for a vivid and stylish color combination. The light yellow accents add a moderately strong touch. With soft base colors and a slightly flashy overall impression, this shoe is easy to match up with different outfits. Another point to notice is the shoelaces, which have a purple and white border print, for a more fun appeal.

The summer colors of the Colorado Eighty-Five make it perfect for outdoor events where you’ll be out in the sun. Take advantage of this active season with the ideal summer fashion item.
This is your only chance to get these limited-release colors, available only at directly-managed stores!


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