【ONITSUKA TIGER/SS 2022】Spring/Summer Collection Presented at Milan Fashion Week!

On Sunday, September 26, 2021, at 1 P.M. local time in Italy, we at Onitsuka Tiger presented our 2022 Spring/Summer Collection at the Milan Fashion Week. Under the direction of Creative Director Andrea Pompilio, this was our second participation in the Milan Collection.

Owing to the spread of COVID-19, the collection was presented by film again this time. With travel back and forth overseas restricted, Andrea Pompilio created a show enabling viewers to enjoy a virtual experience of a trip from Milan to Tokyo. The film, “MILAN-TOKYO” (Director: Hideto Hotta) offers a robust depiction of the cutting-edge fascination of Tokyo, a place that attracts famous video artists and fashionistas around the world. Streets silenced by infection control measures, others beginning to sparkle with an eye to the future … The film expresses the contrary aspects of the life force of Tokyo, quietude and activity.

The concept involves a trip to Tokyo, a city that continues exhibiting unique charms even while suddenly being transformed into an empty, watchful space. The night-time excursion begins at the airport, then proceeds to the street corners of the megalopolis. Huge traffic lights, bridges, streets, elevated highways: None of them hint at human presence. The scene shifts, and now we’re on a runway. The vast space becomes increasingly narrow, with the alleyways of Shinjuku and Shibuya coming into focus. In pleasing contrast with the lack of human presence in the city, older and newer-model taxis stand in orderly lines at a taxi stop, illuminated by the colorful neon of shops selling high-tech goods and gadgets. The taxis’ white lace seat covers clash with the colorful LED lights of the vehicles’ doors, which open automatically. The excursion around Tokyo proceeds to the Oimachi Shopping Street, where it is as though the viewer collapses into the scene. Cafes, drinking establishments and street signs all emit a cold, greenish light, amplifying the sense of being directionless in an unfamiliar land, a sense much like that pervading the well-known 2003 film “Lost in Translation.”
The journey concludes on the rooftop of one of Tokyo’s innumerable high-rise buildings. Everything in sight is illuminated, dredging up the image of the kind of dystopian future depicted in iconic anime that have taken the world by storm. Tokyo is a sleepless town continually stimulated to new discoveries by the pulse of daily events, thus symbolizing both energy and modernity. Onitsuka Tiger’s new collection, fusing fashion and sporty beauty, blends in superbly with this backdrop.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger. This zodiac sign is the core symbol of the brand, and expresses the recurring theme of “TIGER POWER.” Multipurpose items feature the animal prints finished off with geometrically regular vertical lines and contrasting borders of our beachwear. Among our footwear products, we offer two types of new sneakers using the tiger stripe design motif in the sole and on the upper.

The 2022 Spring/Summer Collection, jam-packed with new products of rich variety. With next year being the Year of the Tiger, Onitsuka Tiger items will be in the spotlight more than ever. Keep an eye peeled for these fresh items!


The collection was presented on film during the staging of the show by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana at the official website(