【Intel World Open × Onitsuka Tiger】Presenting Tokido, the Japan & Korea Region Champion, with the Official Tournament Uniform!

The finals of the Intel World Open (IWO), the e-sports world championship sponsored by Intel, was held on July 22, 2021, wrapping up the series of events in a rousing success.
We interviewed Tokido of ROHTO Z!, winner in grand style of the STREET FIGHTER V: CHAMPION EDITION competition for the Japan & Korea region.

■Interview of Tokido

▶ Q1. What episode during the competition made the greatest impression on you?

Applying what I learned in losing to NL in the regional final of the world bracket to come back and win twice in a row in the grand final, becoming the champion. I think I proved that understanding your own weaknesses can lead to victory, something that applies to all games.

▶ Q2. What goals do you set for yourself in worldwide e-sports competitions like the Intel World Open?

I get the sense that people in Japan are more aware of e-sports than in the past, and that e-sports now have a better image. Still, there isn’t much attention paid to things happening overseas, so I try to be a role model and do what I can to increase the number of fans.

▶ Q3. What expectations do you have for the potential and the future of e-sports?

I’d like to see the various types of e-sports gain support from a large number of people. To accomplish that, just like with other sports, it’s good to show people the science, strategy, effort and passion involved with the games.

▶ Q4. Onitsuka Tiger was an official uniform partner for this tournament. What do you think about fashion and trends in e-sports?

To attract more fans to e-sports, looking sharp is just as important as strength in competition. Onitsuka Tiger’s products are backed by incredible functionality. For me, the products are beautiful in the way wild animals are beautiful. It’s really encouraging to have such a brand as a supporter of e-sports.


Tokido is a prominent pro gamer who has reached the summit. We’ll be broadcasting episodes leading up to the finals on the YouTube project TOMO’S GAME ROOM*. Be sure to tune in!

Onitsuka Tiger is focusing on equalizing society through e-sports, a goal also shared by Tomohisa Yamashita. TOMO’s GAME ROOM is a collaborative YouTube project between the two parties, aimed at spreading e-sports.