【Intel World Open 2021】Onitsuka Tiger presents official uniform! Also, partners with Tomohisa Yamashita in YouTube video series exploring the future of e-sports

E-sports can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, or physical and mental capabilities. Onitsuka Tiger has latched onto the potential for creating contents for this kind of borderless society, and aims at the spread of e-sports while supporting various opportunities and new experiments.
As part of that effort, Onitsuka Tiger is participating in the INTEL World Open (IWO), the world championship of e-sport sponsored by INTEL, its partner in the creation of the official uniform.

Onitsuka Tiger’s official uniform for the tournament contains six items in all. These include new styles of the brand’s famous tracksuits, T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts and shoes decorated with the colors of the STREET FIGHTER and Rocket League, spotlighted in this year’s event. Materials allowing the full enjoyment of e-sports have been incorporated into the designs, providing comfort and functionality.

In other news, Onitsuka Tiger collaborates with Tomohisa Yamashita (an advocate for equalizing society through e-sports), on July 13th presenting TOMO’S GAME ROOM, a video game project aimed at spreading e-sports.

The project involves Yamashita, a novice at e-sports, competing at STREET FIGHTER, a game he played as a child. The project is a type of educational journey in which, through various encounters and realizations, Yamashita achieves personal growth along with the viewers.

The various episodes include one in which Yamashita first plays the STREET FIGHTER V: CHAMPION EDITION used in the tournament, and another in which he meets the tournament champion. The episodes will be uploaded one by one to Onitsuka Tiger’s official YouTube channel.
Be sure to watch.

In commemoration of the Intel World Open (IWO), 120 replicas of the T-shirt of the official uniform set went on sale starting on July 13th at Onitsuka Tiger’s official online stores around the world.
Don’t miss the chance to get this valuable, limited item.

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PRICE:11,000円(TAX in)