【AW 2021 Collection】Noteworthy Collection inspired by magnificent natural winter scenery and the 1970s' trekking/hiking boom!

The Onitsuka Tiger・Autumn & Winter 2021 Collection combines Himalayan Range-inspired magnificent natural winter scenery with the 1970s’ trekking/hiking boom.

This season’s collection is a collaboration between Andrea Pompilio and Toyoki Adachi (designer and art director at the textile graphic brand “nowartt”), incorporating highly perfected graphics into the collection pieces. The textile graphics, fusing the contrasting concepts vintage vs. art and analog (hand-drawn) vs. digital, are applied to classical track suits, down jackets and backpacks.

The collection also reflects functionality-centered lifestyle technology, the heart of Onitsuka Tiger, as well as careful attention to highly crafted design details, the brand’s aesthetic.

Key items in the collection are wearables evincing the feel of the season. This includes the nylon series, a delightful fusion of eye-popping neon colors, unique embroidered stitching, and fleece with outstanding properties for retaining heat and protecting against cold. The lineup also demonstrates creative styling with minimalist design: The puffer coats, striped jackets and dresses eliminate wasteful elements.

The latest model lineup of footwear is a compelling fusion of archival Onitsuka Tiger designs with contemporary designs. This season’s selection offers a full range of unique concept items. In one, “Metropolitan Mentality” (urban lifestyles) and contemporary society are likened to a mountain and the footwear likened to boots with a powerful grip, enabling the climbing of even steep mountains all the way to the peak.

The HMR PEAK TRAINER is based on trekking shoes popular in the 1960s, with the design and functionality modernized. Orthodox looks are sublimated into modern, stylish forms packed with attention-grabbing features in offerings such as the MOAGE CO, the MOAGE MO and the BIG LOGO TRAINER PUFFED, in which the Onitsuka Tiger stripe stretches fully to the outer sole.

The Onitsuka Tiger・Autumn & Winter 2021 Collection takes inspiration from past models, updating them into generation-leading styles. Don’t miss out on these richly individualistic items.