【Doi Tung】Collaboration with Thai Sustainability Project Doi Tung!

Doi Tung, a movement toward eco-friendliness attracting attention around the world, is a sustainability project advocated by the Thai non-profit organization Mae Fah Luang. The trend all over the globe is toward increasingly heightened awareness of sustainability: Onitsuka Tiger shares the values of the Doi Tung concept, and is collaborating with people and the planet in ways we can all feel good about.

The three models MEXICO 66, MEXICO 66 PARATY and SERRANO are created mainly with local Doi Tung handwoven fabrics. Careful attention has been paid to the selection of materials, with an eye to sustainability via an eco-friendly production process.

In all three models, the vibrant coloring produced by the red and blue threads is especially eye-catching. The designs, evocative of the tricolors featured in the Onitsuka Tiger stripe, are based on patterns carefully selected from the traditional collection. The basis of these shoes is painstakingly hand-woven textile: Beginning with the spinning of the threads, a week is required before the pattern emerges. The fabric is much softer than machine-woven fabrics, and the appearance is finely detailed.

The fabric used in the upper of the attractive monochrome MEXICO 66 model, sold only in Thailand, uses threads recycled completely from plastic bottles. Layers of fabric embroidered with the logo and tiger pattern are of chic tones, producing a refined sensation. The soles are decorated in red and yellow, the key colors of Doi Tung and Onitsuka Tiger.

This collaboration fusing traditional handiwork by local workers in Thailand with iconic models from Onitsuka Tiger doubles as an effort toward increasing employment and spurring activities contributing to society. Wearing these shoes is an acknowledgment of Thai culture and its natural environment, as well as of friendly relations between Thailand and Japan.

Sneakers produced in collaboration with Doi Tung, brought into reality by various driving forces. We’ll be delighted if, while enjoying the shoes as fashion, you also keep the story behind them in mind.


■Doi Tung

Doi Tung is a social enterprise in Thailand with the mission of improving living standards while protecting Thailand’s natural environment and its culture. Doi Tung products are hand-made by minority groups, created via environmentally friendly means. They are not mere products, but proof of sustainable development in

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