【SANDAL SERIES】Individualistic Sandals Activate Your Feet!

The Onitsuka Tiger 2021 Spring/Summer Collection presents the DENTIGRE STRAP, OHBORI STRAP and OHBORI SLIDER. All three are sandal models: They fit lightly on the feet, and their richly individualistic designs lend flair to your coordination of the latest fashions.

The DENTIGRE STRAP adds a strap to the DENTIGRE series that appeared in the Autumn/Winter Collection of 2020. This hybrid model combines a clean yet rugged look with a comfortably fitting sole. The model is highly functional; velcro makes it easy to slip into and out of the sandal, and to adjust the fit. The ankle portion is accentuated with the Onitsuka Tiger logo.

Joining this shoe are two other sandal model designs based on the OHBORI EX, which too appeared in the 2020 Autumn/Winter Collection. The OHBORI STRAP with logo-embossed strap is a sporty, attention-grabbing design. The design of the outer sole has been updated to include the superbly flexible structure of the cushioning of the original shoe; it conforms smoothly and lightly with the foot.

Then there is the elegant, refined OHBORI SLIDER, a slider model. The design is simple and easy to accessorize: It can be matched to various styles, broadening the range of coordination options. The padded upper is inspired by models of the past, and the two belts placed atop the upper enable precise adjustments. Your feet will beg you to slip into this comfortable, lightly fitting slider.

As you get ready for the seasons ahead, you’ll definitely want these sandal-type shoes that activate your feet. Enjoy coordinating them with the latest spring and summer fashions.