【ACROMOUNT SERIES】Noteworthy News: Archive Models of the 1970s Updated in Modern Style

Within the 21SS Collection is the eye-catching ACROMOUNT SERIES. These are seasonal shoes of conspicuous individuality, with the kind of bold combinations of colors you expect from Onitsuka Tiger. The model, overseen by Creative Director Andrea Pompilio, is a contemporary design sneaker reborn for the modern age, inspired by Archive Models of the 1970s.

The notable feature of the low-cut type ACROMOUNT is its vintage design combining fabric and leather.

For its part, the middle-cut ACROMOUNT MT has a beautiful slim form, creating an impression of refinement. Both shoes have the large Onitsuka Tiger stripe, lending them an outstanding sense of presence and contributing to a classical design accent.
From the functional perspective, a sole wide in the middle and tapering off at the toes (characteristic of track and field spikes of the 1970s) has been updated with lightweight sponge and rubber, creating an airy, comfortable feeling suited to contemporary lifestyles.

There is also the ACROMOUNT KNIT, with a combination of knit uppers and soles. A soft sensation envelops the entire foot, creating a satisfying sensation of fit that only knit offers. The upper-side line features a line used on training jackets of the 1970s; Andrea has fused elements of heritage and fashion into a single shoe reinterpreted for the modern age.

At long last we welcome the arrival of spring, and we have turned it into a season reflecting bright fashions. Let you feet shout out to spring with the colorful hues of the ACROMOUNT SERIES.

*ACROMOUNT, ACROMOUNT MT and ACROMOUNT KNIT will be released in stores and on the EC site starting on March 10, 2021. Certain exceptions apply.