【Campaign Visual/21SS】21SS Collection Sported by Brand Ambassador Willow Smith

With a famous father, Will Smith, Willow Smith is a singer and actor on the world stage. Since last year, she has been Onitsuka Tiger’s global brand ambassador. Here is Willow Smith sporting Onitsuka Tiger’s 2021 Spring & Summer Collection!

The theme of Onitsuka Tiger’s 2021 Spring & Summer Collection is “The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude.” Creative Director Andrea Pompilio remarked, “Onitsuka Tiger’s philosophy is to be creative and evolve together with the times while celebrating its history.”

In this collection, the Onitsuka Tiger attitude is expressed through its logo, attention to detail inspired by sail cloth, and an instinctive feel. Onitsuka Tiger’s philosophy resonated with Willow Smith’s identity and smarts to produce a fresh, new take on Onitsuka Tiger. Through this collaboration, the reader may get a feel for the Onitsuka Tiger attitude!

Onitsuka Tiger’s public relations team made the following comments on enlisting Willow Smith for this season’s brand visuals.

In a fast-changing world, she continues to offer a fresh take on things without compromising her sense of self.
In this ad campaign, Andrea Pompilio’s theme was the real beauty exuded by Willow Smith. He chose to portray this collection dramatically by incorporating the yoga poses that are her forte.
Through this ad campaign, we hope to show how fashion has boundless versatility so that anyone can enjoy it in his or her own way, irrespective of age, gender, or location.

【Comments by Willow Smith】

You post yoga-related content on Instagram, but what is yoga to you? Please tell us your impressions when you incorporated some yoga postures wearing Onitsuka Tiger garb in this photo shoot?

For me, yoga is a means of drawing closer to myself to establish a sacred bond by quieting my mind. I feel fortunate to showcase such a unique and pretty collection in a way that I am satisfied with.

How would you describe this photo shoot in a word?

Ingenuity. I think that this whole collection starting with the shoes was creative.