【ONITSUKA TIGER/AW 2021】Releases Autumn & Winter Collection as a Film at Milan Fashion Week!

Onitsuka Tiger released its Autumn & Winter 2021 Collection at Milan Fashion Week on February 27, 2021 for the first time as a film.

The theme of the Autumn & Winter 2021 Collection was “soaring landscape of the Himalayan mountain range in winter” and was inspired by Japan’s 1970’s trekking and hiking boom. The salient point about this season is the textile graphics which have been created by Andrea Pompilio in collaboration with Toyoki Adachi of the textile graphic brand “nowartt.”
These textile graphics have juxtaposed two opposing concepts — vintage×art and analog (hand drawn)×digital — which have been applied to classical track suits, down jackets, and backpacks.

The collection is suffused with functional technology for lifestyles which is at the source of Onitsuka Tiger, and a brand aesthetic which upholds craftsmanship with attention to detail. Diverse clothes that are key items in this collection include fleece material with superior heat-insulation and cold-proofing, and nylon series that blends brilliant neon colors with unique embroidery. On the other hand, a creative style applying a minimalist design is also in the line-up. Waste has been trimmed off the puffer coat and striped jacket & dress to make for a mode with a sophisticated feel.

The footwear series is compelling, packed with idiosyncratic designs. This season, urban living (metropolitan mentality) and modern society are likened to a “mountain” which can be overcome wearing hiking boots with a robust grip that can grip onto and traverse steep terrains. All of the pieces embody the Onitsuka Tiger aesthetic which incorporates functional technology for lifestyles and design with attention to detail.

The Autumn & Winter 2021 Collection has an array of unique goods. Onitsuka Tiger’s debut collection at Milan Fashion Week has attracted great interest. Participating in the Milan Collection is a commemorative first step for Onitsuka Tiger to establish itself in two fashion hubs of Tokyo and Milan and expand into Europe. Hereafter, Onitsuka Tiger plans to expand its brand activities in Europe focused in Milan and London. Be on the look out for Onitsuka Tiger as it continues to evolve!

This collection will be released as a film by digital streaming during Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana at its official website ( Up-and-coming Milan performers will appear in the film such as musical artist M\SS KETA, dance performer GABRIELE ESPOSITO, and painter and wall artist OZMO. The purpose of “UNFASHIONSHOW” is to extravagantly depict the Onitsuka Tiger brand personality through music, movement, and art. The three artists have collaborated to produce a work full of vitality and movement.

Concept by Giulia Achenza and Andrea Pompilio
Directed by Giulia Achenza