Feb 26 2021

【THE ONITSUKA】Grand Opening of the first store in China, on January 27!

In 2019, Onitsuka Tiger announced the new luxury line THE ONITSUKA. All items in this Japanese luxury line are superbly crafted, and the designs, while simple, exude a classic atmosphere. This line dispenses with excessive luxury, focusing instead on a concept of luxury backed by practical comfort. We take the opportunity to announce the opening on January 27, 2021 of Onitsuka Tiger’s first store in China: in88 Beijing Wangfujing Yintai.

The hybrid designs of THE ONITSUKA shoes enact a fusion of dress shoes and sneakers, and the shoes use world-renowned, high-quality Japanese Kobe Leather. The finely detailed designs possess both visual beauty and practical functionality. The inner soles are cushioned with a combination of foam of varying hardness, adding arch support. The designs of the outer soles, based on vintage Onitsuka Tiger shoes, are combined with cutting-edge technology, offering superb cushioning and durability.

THE ONITSUKA offers bags and small leather accessories made of the same materials as the shoes, and these too are sold at the new store.

One of the store’s key colors is clean, bright white, and on stepping into the store’s first floor, this whiteness leaps into the eyes. White is used in various types of materials in broad swatches of the walls as well as on the ceiling and floor, creating an overall space that is simple and deep. Bright, bold red is used primarily in the entranceway as well as in arches and carpet poles, and harmonizes well with the vivid white and charcoal-black colors. In addition, the capital letter O in the brand name has inspired the curved lines incorporated into the arches and windows of the shoe display walls, the indirect lighting, doorknobs and everywhere else in the store. The carefully detailed store design, the reserved beauty of the collection and the classical style complement each other beautifully, and allow customers to enjoy the store with all of their senses.

The store’s second floor assembles various Onitsuka Tiger items, and here too the ceiling and floor are pure white.

THE ONITSUKA Beijing Wangfujing
ADDRESS:Store L114, Bldg 1, F1, No. 88 WANGFUJING Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing
STORE HOURS:10:00 – 22:00