【ONITSUKA TIGER/SS 2021】Announcing Onitsuka Tiger’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection!

Announcing Onitsuka Tiger’s eagerly awaited 2021 Spring/Summer Collection!
We present a diverse lineup fusing the hottest trends and Onitsuka Tiger uniqueness, uniting fashion with sports and heritage with innovation.

The concept of the 2021 Spring/Summer Collection is “The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude.” Each item in the collection expresses our brand identity, stamped not only with our brand logo and attention to detail but also with a creative outlook.

Inspired by the image of a billowing sail on a sailboat slicing through the water, the four themes at the core of the concept are “THE SAILING KITE”, “THE CLEAN LINES”, “THE VINTAGE IS NOW” and “THE WORKING PROGRESS”.
The essence is reflected in colors, style cut and product detail.

【Four themes symbolizing “The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude”】

The design is created with zigzag stitching on washer fabric, and suggests a sailboat’s billowed sail.

The taut but supple nylon twill has a lustrous touch, radiating a luxuriant impression.

Taking cues from some of our vintage products, these offerings retain sporty elements blending elegantly with dresses, tops and skirts for daily wear.

Atop base colors of soft beige and white, piping and tiered designs are added to sublimate these shoes into collection pieces.

A full lineup of new footwear in this collection
Combining leather with fabric of a vintage feel, ACROMOUNT is inspired by shoe designs in our archives from the 1970s.

The “DENTIGRE MX” is a hybrid model combining elements drawn from popular, long-selling models with elements from the “DENTIGRE” (part of the 2020 Autumn/Winter Collection).

The “TAI-CHI-REB™️ SOCK MT” expresses the slim profile of tai chi shoes, while sewn into form-fitting uppers are the Onitsuka Tiger stripes.

The three styles fuse Onitsuka Tiger design elements of the past with contemporary designs, conjuring up a fresh impression.


This season’s color palette is brilliant as well.
Shoes are adorned with highlight colors including orange and saxe blue along with colorful tones of vintage hues such as burgundy and turquoise adorn, complemented by clean, black lines. The Onitsuka Tiger spirit is preserved and fused with contemporary elements, creating a fresh style matched to any era.

With each collection, Onitsuka Tiger grabs hold of the spirit of an age and creatively adapts it, producing a sensation. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the myriad of trendy items in the 2021 Spring/Summer collection!