Jan 06 2021

【THE ONITSUKA】America’s First Flagship Store Opens in New York!

THE ONITSUKA, the luxury line of ONITSUKA TIGER, has entered the North American market and opened its flagship store in New York!

The shop is located in the SoHo neighborhood where designer boutiques and high-end shops can be found. SoHo is an area where people with a high degree of fashion sense gather, and so Onitsuka Tiger hopes to establish its presence there to promote Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

The distinctive features of THE ONITSUKA are its simple and timeless designs. This characteristic can also be seen in the shop interior. A refined and sophisticated world is created from velvety leather sofas and custom made furniture on an elegant terrazzo floor (artificial marble) based on a color palette of white, charcoal black, and red. Guests can choose items leisurely within a luxurious environment.

In collaboration with the LISA Project NYC which promotes public art by diverse artists, Onitsuka Tiger requisitioned graffiti artist John CRASH Matos to produce 21 art works. The appeal of THE ONITSUKA will be transmitted through his art. These works will adorn various streets of the SoHo neighborhood throughout December in the form of a poster campaign.

THE ONITSUKA embodies the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and prides itself on its quality. Onitsuka Tiger will transmit Japan-made from New York, a hub for global fashion.

【Shop information】
ADDRESS:127 Greene St. New York NY 10012
TEL:+1 (332) 895-5519
STORE HOURS:MON.-SAT.:11am-8pm SUN.:12pm-6pm
Instagram: @theonitsuka