【HOLIDAY QUILTING SERIES】Premium models arrive in quilted velvet which adds luster!

The HOLIDAY QUILTING SERIES made with quilted velvet that exudes a unique luster is now on sale!

The lineup consists of three models — MEXICO 66, LAWNSHIP 3.0, SERRANO. While utilizing their respective characteristics, quilt stitching imparts a warm feeling that is apt for the winter season.


The popular model SERRANO was developed in the ‘70s inspired by track and field shoes. Together with the appeal of the sporty silhouette, quilt stitching adds an ample feel and a quality, soft mood.


MEXICO 66, a standard model adored by many fans, has been updated in velvet. While retaining the thin-soles and thin design as well as cross-stripes in the heel region, the warm feel of the material exudes a seasonal quality.


Quilt stitching added to the simple design of LAWNSHIP 3.0 makes for an idiosyncratic feel and makes an impression. While retaining its light spring, voluminousness fit for a winter item provides an accent to your feet.

The inner soles of either model are imprinted with the usual ONITSUKA TIGER logo, together with “Happy Holidays” which imparts a special feeling each time you wear our shoes.

Winter is now in full swing, so why not incorporate a seasonal feel to your footwear with our HOLIDAY QUILTING SERIES!