【NIPPON MADE】 Starbucks Custom-Order Model MEXICO 66 DELUXE Arrives!

Onitsuka Tiger NIPPON MADE Series custom-order model “MEXICO 66 DELUXE for STARBUCKS RESERVE” goes on sale November 17, 2020.

This special order model was conceived in collaboration by two different tastes — Starbucks Reserveâ Roastery Tokyo and Onitsuka Tiger. Starbucks Reserveâ Roastery Tokyo has taken various approaches to relay its passion for coffee making, its fastidiousness, and the high quality of its products. Onitsuka Tiger has developed products with an attention to the details such as material quality, dyeing, and stitching that are indicative of the skill and spirit of quality Japanese craftsmanship.

MEXICO 66 DELUXE for STARBUCKS RESERVE uses the MEXICO 66 DELUXE as a basis which is a representative Onitsuka Tiger NIPPON MADE series sneaker. The Onitsuka Tiger stripes on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe upper are colored differently, with the medial stripes having a copper color symbolic of Roastery Tokyo. Dressy enamel has been dispensed on the shoe toe and heel regions, and the spare shoe laces have been dyed with coffee bean lees used at Roastery Tokyo.   

Fine Japanese craftsmanship has been enlisted to make this shoe, so please enjoy!  

Price: ¥30,000 (+tax)
Size: 22.0–29.0cm