【Autumn & Winter 2020 Collection】Combining modern and technical elements with an Onitsuka Tiger taste

Japanese fashion brand, Onitsuka Tiger, offers a contemporary collection which blends fashion with sports and heritage with innovation. It has now released its 2020 Fall/Winter Collection.

The Fall/Winter Collection includes a remake of a military jacket combining quilting and nylon fabrics, and a down jacket comprised of technical elements piecing together different textures of nylon and a pop neon color to draw your attention. This is a line which blends modern and technical elements while retaining an Onitsuka Tiger taste.
Various materials have been employed such as velour-like glossy nylon for a sporty, yet elegant quality.

Our latest models of footwear blend past Onitsuka Tiger archive elements with contemporary design. This lineup includes classic boots, the DENTIGRE BOOT which combines a court shoe upper comprised of a mix of different materials with an impactful outsole, classic running shoes, and the hybrid shoe BIG LOGO TRAINER 2.0 MT which combines a modern design outsole with an upper conceived from our archive of middle cut sneakers.

Other items featured in this collection are pants that are a patchwork of number motifs reminiscent of pop culture and shoes with a mix of colorful materials. They were produced in collaboration with Brian Kenny who works out of New York. These special pieces, combined with the color-block nylon puffer jacket, add a bit of playfulness to this sporty, urban style.

They are comprised of a variety of colors that are seasonless: vivid colors such as neon and light green, dark colors such as navy and black, and key colors such as military colors.

The collection pieces are adorned with a new brand motif — blue and red CLAW STRIPES — that were used in 1970’s training wear, adding impact. Today, more than 70 years after the birth of the brand, the Onitsuka Tiger spirit remains intact, while blending contemporary elements to propose fresh styles through the ages.