Onitsuka Tiger releases campaign visuals of brand ambassador Willow Smith

In June 2020, Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger announced a brand campaign with globally-renowned artist Willow Smith as brand ambassador.

Willow wears Onitsuka Tiger’s 2020 Fall/Winter Collection for the campaign visuals. Onitsuka Tiger’s contemporary designs combining heritage and innovation meet Willow’s own aesthetic sense, creating an original world for the Onitsuka Tiger brand.

Some of the 2020 Fall/Winter Collection worn by Willow combines colorful patchwork and various materials for a fusion of pop art, fashion, and sportswear. Andrea Pompilio, an Onitsuka Tiger creative director for this campaign remarked, “in the age in which we live, we must be aware of what is going on in the world such as environmental problems and how protecting the planet is vital for our survival. In this campaign, we show off Willow’s beauty and strength, and love for the planet which flows from her soul.”

As for Willow Smith’s appointment as brand ambassador, Onitsuka Tiger’s communication team remarked, “Willow is blessed with a universal humanism and great creativity which is not bound by generational categories like Generation Z or Millennial. As humanity enters a new age in 2020, we as a brand feel very compatible and are happy to collaborate with someone with her own views and understanding of society and sends her own message to the world.”

Comment by Willow Smith:
“It didn’t take long for me to empathize with Onitsuka Tiger’s vision. I am very happy to have collaborated with you to create an aesthetic view that will have a positive effect on society. I look forward to the future of Onitsuka Tiger that I can help build.”

These special campaign visuals will be released on various platforms in June including Onitsuka Tiger’s official website and SNS.

Onitsuka Tiger plans to donate a portion of the sales from this campaign to the “NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund” of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (

Willow Smith new album:THE ANXIETY Song title:Poolside  Release date: March 13, 2020.

Official Movie YouTube *This photo shoot was carried out before the novel coronavirus spread and Los Angeles declared a state of emergency.

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