Mar 13 2020

Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 2 with a Primary Focus on Clothing Opens Friday, March 13!

”Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 2” opened at Shibuya MODI 1,2F on Shibuya Koen-Dori Street on March 13, 2020 (Friday).

The newly opened store ”Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 2” primarily focuses clothing, accessories such as bags, and the latest collection of shoes.

The neighboring “Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 1” showcases shoes, such as the NIPPON MADE Series.

The appeal of Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 2 is its ample lineup of products with a focus on clothing which other shops do not offer, as well as its convenient access from Shibuya Station. Together with Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 1, please drop by our store the next time you’re in town!

「Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya 2」 – 2020.3.13 OPEN –
Address:Shibuya MODI 1F・2F, 1-21-3, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo