【Event Report】OT × sulvam Release Party!

Onitsuka Tiger, established in 1949, is a brand loved by many which has built up its presence worldwide over the past 70 years.

This summer, prepare yourselves for a special joint project by seven big-name designers from Japan and abroad to celebrate 70 years of great fashion.

Special collaboration #6: Sulvam

A release party was held at Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando.

These collaborative shoes are based on black as the main color. Black is also used as the keytone for everything from the venue space to the food and drinks, creating a rich and chic world. Collaborative items from this collection were displayed on the floor, attracting the attention of visiting fashionistas.

The shoes at the center of attention were Sulvam designer Fujita’s unique take on “TAI-CHI-REB” which are based on the concept of tai-chi shoes with characteristic plain toes. Their unadulterated originality is expressed through a monotone black color with plain black toes and light grey stitching. According to Fujita, “fashion is created freely. By breaking down a pre-established image in a good way, I was able to bring out the appeal of both brands.”

The clothing is adorned with random white stitching on a black base. As with the shoes, Fujita’s belief that fashion should be freely conceived has been applied in the design of his clothing. Black and white tape with the Onitsuka Tiger and Sulvam logos are stylishly sewn onto the loose fitting Track Top and Pants.

The brand name Sulvam derives from “salvum” which is Latin for improvisation. It refers to the process undertaken by all collaborating parties to give shape to their respective inspirations like players in a jam session.

This collaboration was also like a jam session in which beautiful music was created.

■OT × sulvam Special site

■Teppei Fujita
Sulvam designer
After gaining experience as a pattern maker at Yohji Yamamoto, he established Sulvam in 2014. He released his 2014 Fall/Winter Collection that same year.