【2020 Spring Summer Global Collection】A total of 42 looks showcased on a dreamy runway!

“Onitsuka Tiger Spring & Summer 2020 Runway Show”, illuminated with fantastic blue lights, was held on October 23 at Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium. This latest collection was inspired by uniforms of various sports, paying homage to Kihachiro Onitsuka, Founder of Onitsuka Tiger marking its 70th anniversary this year.

A total of 42 fresh and sporty looks consist of five important elements: New Generation; Modern Uniforms; New Casuals; Devotion to Sports Chic; and Free Spirit, under the themes of “masculine women”, “genderless” and “global diversity”.

Shin-toyosu Brillia Running Stadium, a winner of the Architectural Institute of Japan Prize 2019, is a high-profile stadium and laboratory providing a dynamic combination of sports, art and technology. This venue was turned into one-night-only neo-futuristic space. The runway show started with performance of nouvelle urban sports (such as wheel gymnastics and tricking) demonstrated by leading athletes on a 60-meter-runway, accompanied with marching band music.

Among about 450 guests who attended the runway show were Brand Ambassador Naomi Watanabe, kemio (video creator and model), Nanase Nishino (actress), other millennial influencers and people from fashion business.

After the runway show, the guests moved to CITABRIA BAYPARK Grill & Bar with a romantic night view of Toyosu to enjoy the Onitsuka Tiger world in a relaxed atmosphere with soothing music by a string quartet.

Onitsuka Tiger, a fashion brand originated in Japan, continues to amaze and captivate fashionistas in the world with its contemporary collections fusing heritage and innovation as well as fashion and sports.

2020 Spring Summer Collection, designed by Onitsuka Tiger’s Creative Director ANDREA POMPILIO, draws inspiration from uniforms of various sports. Items lined up include: tank tops and shorts inspired by mesh materials of basketball uniforms; climbing-inspired denim cargo pants; racing-inspired fitted multi-color T-shirts; horse-riding-inspired insulated jackets; sailing-inspired coats made of transparent materials; diving-inspired fitted knit pullovers with polyester yarn woven; and boxing-robe-inspired feminine, gorgeous, satin evening dresses. A color palette of black, neon yellow, neon orange and indigo has created such a wide variety of lineup.

POMPILIO says about Special Capsule Collection “TOKYO ONITSUKA” for the finale: “At the moment I saw graphics in the archive, red dots looked like hearts and the message “Onitsuka Tiger Loves Tokyo” came to mind.” The Capsule Collection has brought these graphics to life to tell the history of Onitsuka Tiger. This collection is available from early November at limited stores in Japan.


Hideaki Yamashiro
Nobuko Yoshiyuki
Shadai Wakuta
Shiori Urikane

Daisuke / Reiji / Daiki / Issei / Kaizi / Takuma / Leoto / Matsu