Unique NIPPON MADE models hand-painted by artisans for advance sale at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s

FABRE BL-S DELUXE and a special makeup model MEXICO 66 DELUXE, from the NIPPON MADE series with the highest Japanese craftsmanship, have been launched from October 23 at Shoes Department Labo Stage (B1F) of Isetan Shinjuku Men’s.

FABRE BL-S DELUXE, based on the basketball shoe introduced in 1975, and MEXICO 66 DELUXE, updated from the Onitsuka Tiger standard model MEXICO 66, are designed into stylish NIPPON MADE models.
Artisans paste Japanese traditional “Washi” paper onto each cut goat leather upper of the shoe and then carefully hand-paint Onitsuka Tiger stripes on it. These shoes will catch your eyes with sophisticated finishes like nothing else.

On FABRE BL-S DELUXE and MEXICO 66 DELUXE, Onitsuka Tiger stripes are hand-painted with a brush in the manner of calligraphy, by using ink made of smoked canola oil soot. Each shoe has different fading, depth, blur and thickness of the ink. Our development personnel and artisans hand-painted the stripes over again and again with absolute attention to their details such as length, shape and depth to finally produce the shoes with experienced craftsmanship.

「FABRE BL-S DELUXE」/ ¥32,000(+tax)

「MEXICO 66 DELUXE」/ ¥27,000(+tax)

Mottled pattern painted on FABRE BL-S DELUXE, using the ink made of smoked canola oil soot, gives us an image of blurs “Nijimi” in the Japanese ink painting, “Suibokuga”. These blurs “Nijimi” cannot be created only by painting the pattern directly on the Washi paper. Before painting with the ink, the Washi is soaked with alcohol to create various depth and sizes of blurs. Check out this NIPPON MADE model adopting the method of the Japanese traditional ink-painting.

「FABRE BL-S DELUXE」/ ¥32,000(+tax)

[ Deployment location ]
Location:Isetan Shinjuku Store Men’s Building underground first floor men’s shoes department
Address: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 3-14-1
TEL : 03-3352-1111

*Get the shoes from November 8 at Onitsuka Tiger stores as well as the online store.