【Event Report】OT×CHRISTIAN DADA Release Party!

Onitsuka Tiger, established in 1949, is a brand loved by many which has built up its presence worldwide over the past 70 years.

This summer, prepare yourselves for a special joint project by seven big-name designers from Japan and abroad to celebrate 70 years of great fashion.

Edition three presents CHRISTIAN DADA.


The release party was held at Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando.

Christian Dada’s brand signature color of BLACK served as the central tone of the venue, with it coloring everything from the interior, to the food, drinks, and just about everything else, promoting its rich, chic point of view. Items from the collection were lined up all along the floor, drawing the attention of the fashionistas and other fashion insiders.



The shoe that stole the spotlight though, was the REBILAC RUNNER, which reached into the archives for something special to serve as its base. These are thick and chunky, with mesh and leather material combos to really kick that style. Plus, the shoelaces snake their way up through the eyelets for an extra little flair. The concept of DADAISM, which proposes an abandonment of the current system, is about bringing forth everything, right down to the finest details.

The jacket had that Onitsuka Tiger sporty urban cut, featuring the signature soft Christian Dada material that he’s known for, giving you a gentle fit and straightforward look. There’s ventilation on both sides, so this is just as functional as it is fashionable. On the breast as well as the back pocket of the pants, there’s a rubber patch bearing some Dadaism philosophy. The statement on the rubber patch drops some fresh style that people won’t forget. We have three colors for you to choose from: The Dada brand’s signature Black, as well as Khaki and Burgundy.

Clothes can be about so much more than just something to wear. Our collaboration project with Christian Dada is about discovering and developing an identity, it’s the “tool” that threads the elements of your outfit together into a clear identity.

The quality craftsmanship of Onitsuka Tiger, blended with the distinct perspective of Dadaism, come together to give rise to an exquisite, truly evolved shoe; treat your feet to a little luxury.



This fashion brand was expanded and developed by designer Masanori Morikawa. Driven by the concept of “Putting out products which hold on to their adolescent mindset while bringing items to market,” Christian Dada employs the strategy and knowledge of the manufacturer’s viewpoint along with a youthful vibe; it’s not just about “wearing some clothes,” rather it’s used as a tool to find the right items to build an identity.