【COLLABORATION】Naomi Watanabe, Onitsuka Tiger’s first brand ambassador

Onitsuka Tiger would like to take this opportunity to welcome our first-ever brand ambassador, Naomi Watanabe, whose resume features a range of roles, like comedic entertainer, stage and TV drama performer, and brand producer.

Comedic celebrity Naomi Watanabe boasts the top spot for having the highest number of Instagram followers in Japan, and it’s not just from the Japanese fashionista community, she’s also hugely popular overseas.
She’s been an Onitsuka Tiger fan for quite some time actually, having attended events, fashion shows and the like, plus she’s even been in this magazine for a previous interview, back in April of 2018.

Now she’s getting the chance to try on all of these items from the 2019 Spring and Summer collection. This season’s concept is a mash-up of different things; since it’s a fusion approach, she was able to try on exactly what she wanted, integrating nicely with the slogan SUMMER OF LOVE, and which also provided her a platform from which to share her worldview.

There are lots of events and joint projects coming up, both in Japan and overseas, to promote the brand. So, we can also look forward to a new, improved level of communication with customers in the days ahead.

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