【LAWNSHIP AP】The unique design of this low-top model is sure to impress

We have a new addition to our 2019 Spring and Summer lineup, it’s the second low-top sneaker inspired by the big-soled LAWNSHIP. With a unique design built on a monotone base, this is a hot item.

The bordered toe has a bold, curved design like a cowboy boot, along with sharp coloring featuring interwoven black and white. That kind of modern look flips the simple image of the LAWNSHIP AP on its head, with an innovative perspective. Also check out the side ventilation holes for a nice little highlight.

There are two types available: 〈BLACK/WHITE〉has a black base color, while 〈WHITE/ BLACK〉 is the opposite. And since they’re exact opposites, you could pick up both pairs, and then switch them whenever you feel like it, to change things up a little.

The LAWNSHIP AP design is based on its namesake, a 70s tennis shoe called the LAWNSHIP, and given some updates. It has the sporty features of the original, while also evolving into a modern, quality design.

The LAWNSHIP AP will spice up your feet when you want to draw attention to them. This Spring and Summer, add some variety to your wardrobe with these awesome shoes.

Code : 1183A263
Color : 001(BLACK/WHITE), 100(WHITE/BLACK)
Price : ¥14,000(+tax)
Size : 22.5-29.0, 30.0, 31.0cm