【MEXICO 66 SD】This new model has a natural look inspired by Japanese rock gardens

The “MEXICO 66 SD” and “MEXICO 66 SD MR” both have new models out for the 2019 Spring and Summer season! They hit store shelves starting March 3rd.

The MEXICO 66 SD series combines design and comfort as Onitsuka Tiger’s new standard model. The inspiration source for this new line is the style of Japanese rock gardens, showing its “natural world” perspective.

High quality, metal-free leather serves as the canvas, with a flat line drawn to invoke the image of sand, for an upper with a unique pattern.
The simple design was created to leave people with a sense of Japanese tradition, while showing its contemporary appeal at the same time. Plus, the finely-detailed coloring elicits the look and feel of the white sand of a rock garden. And these only have one color, giving them a uniform, minimalist look, for a more refined appeal.

The MEXICO 66 SD series has an impact on anyone who slips on a pair, the comfort and functionality are unmistakable.
In the heel wedge of the midsole, we put AmpliFoam™, which provides excellent cushioning. Also, the outersole has strong gripping and great durability, and the inside has Ortholite, for even more comfort. These have a very nice fit.

We have a “MEXICO 66 SD” low-top model, which is easy to coordinate with different outfits, and a “MEXICO 66 SD MR” high-top model, which gives more presence to your feet because of its thick construction.

The MEXICO 66 SD series, with the Onitsuka Tiger stripe, big chunky soles, and heel flap of the classic MEXCO 66, along with an image of Japanese rock gardens brought to a global audience. This is the perfect marriage of traditional viewpoints and cutting-edge functionality, don’t miss out on this unique fusion shoe.