【NIPPON MADE】A Collaboration Model with Traditional Craftsman Saian Nishikata

Onitsuka Tiger, a brand created in Japan, launched the NIPPON MADE series to showcase the proud quality of Japanese construction methods worldwide.
Now the NIPPON MADE series has a new collaboration model jointly developed by traditional craftsman Saian Nishikata, featuring her hand-drawn fabric and using standard model MEXICO MID RUNNER as the base.
It’s out January 26th, available only at Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando’s NIPPON MADE store.

The popular MEXICO MID RUNNER is a casual mid-rise sneaker that employs a motif inspired by the Japan national team’s official cross-trainer of 1964. Add to that Saian Nishikata’s imaginative perspective on the world, and you get a classic yet fashionable shoe.

The ankle is embroidered with vegetable-dyed thread plus gold and silver thread, using “Gyoan Teori” fabric featuring a traditional handweaving method of Tochigi Prefecture. The classic patterns add an exquisite highlight to this modern sneaker, with a fusion design exhibiting both traditional and modern elements. It’s a new year, why not start it out with a new pair of shoes?

Your color options are 1) SILVER/FUCHSIA PURPLE, with a cool, purplish-red line on silver that evokes images of near-future sci-fi or the trending cyber-punk wave, and 2) ACAI/SPRUCE GREEN, featuring a blueish-green line on a distinguished light purple, for a more elegant look. For those with a discerning eye, enjoy the “sum color of beauty” in the finer details and coloring that Japan is so proud of.

Of course you can wear these with casual outfits, but don’t stop there, because the MEXICO MID RUNNER DELUXE matches up nicely with some finer classic looks as well. Hidden within that modern design is Japan’s traditional worldview, all wrapped up in this premium shoe, which is certain to give you a touch of elegance and color.

<Saian Nishikata>
She is a traditional Japanese craftsman who uses hand-dyeing, hand-weaving, and hand-drawing, while working with the concept of re-envisioning old things in innovative new ways.

Code:(WOMEN’S)1182A079, (MEN’S)1181A082
Size:(W)23.0-25.0cm, (M)25.0-28.0cm

Available at the following stores:OMOTESANDO NIPPON MADE