【Onitsuka Tiger × ANREALAGE】This unique collaboration sneaker really shines in the dark

This sneaker is the focus of a collaboration project with ANREALAGE Designer Kunihiko Morinaga, who was featured in June of 2017. This special lineup features fusion sneakers which incorporate AR technology.
This is the second product launch from the AR collaboration project. The MONTE CREACE SLIP-ON is a unique model that lights up in the dark, showing you just where you put your sneakers, so you can find them easily. It’ll be available starting December 8th at select Onitsuka Tiger stores.

The design of this new model, based on a 1950s mountain climbing shoe called the MONTE CREACE, was recreated into a clog by Kunihiko Morinaga. It carries the essence of the ANREALAGE 2018SS’s “POWER” theme from the Paris Collection, with a belt around the upper that’s flexible and stretches, transferring energy into light, thanks to its stress luminescence material system, for a very special effect.

For walking, running, or everyday use, these collaboration shoes light up so that you can see them in the dark, for a unique effect that gives a sense of power.
The color choices of Black and White both have that classic ANREALAGE mod look.

Don’t miss out on this very special collaboration project model!

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga
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Available at the following stores:Omotesando,Shibuya,Ginza,Namba,ONLINESTORE
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