【TSUNAHIKI】A unique shoe with a tug of war theme and impressive metallic look

The TSUNAHIKI has an original name, and just as the Japanese word suggests, it has a tug of war motif. And the originality is the key to this shoe’s appeal; who else can say they have a pair of sneakers specially designed for tug of war?

The up-wrapped rubber sole gives this shoe a unique shape, too, and it provides solid traction to increase your pulling power during a tug of war bout. In addition, there’s some nice original details, like the wide base which makes for an interesting outline, as well as the opening of the shoe, which is lined with piping, and those features lend to its functional aspect as well. On top of all that, the internal cushioning material boosts the comfort level while you’re wearing these. And the lightweight feel is the icing on the cake.

The two color options are <BLACK x BLACK>, and ,<GLACIER GREY x SILVER>, which has a great platinum sheen. They both have that metallic look that really spices up your entire outfit, while at the same time giving you a more refined appeal. Pairing these with more formal fashion is the perfect formula.

The new TSUNAHIKI model shines and dazzles.
These are chic and sophisticated, just what you need to bring your winter wardrobe up a notch.