Oct 25 2018

【2019 Spring Summer Global Collection】Waseda Uni Fashion Show!

The Onitsuka Tiger 2019 Spring and Summer Global Collection fashion show, featuring all the latest Onitsuka Tiger items, was held on October 22nd.

Waseda University’s Okuma Memorial Hall, officially designated as an important national cultural property, served as the stage for the event. The Onitsuka Tiger logo was fashioned out of classic tile and boldly displayed on the exterior of the building, marking quite the impressive entrance.


The show started off with a bang, as lots of big-name millennial celebrities like Naomi Watanabe, Haruna Kojima, and Emi Suzuki made appearances, along with roughly 1,000 people from the press and fashion world.

Okuma Auditorium has an interior with a dome-shaped stage and seating. Just as the excitement in the air from the pre-performance anticipation hit its peak, the lights went out, and models began to appear from out of the darkness. The walls and the stage floor were all covered in mirrors, which created a spacey, science fiction kind of atmosphere.

The seasonal theme was “SUMMER OF LOVE”. Mix and Crash. Various elements are blended together, and boom, just like that, an entirely new fusion creation is born. A “multi-ethnic minded person”, living in a “multi-ethnic city”, in a “multi-ethnic world”; prints and graphics were combined to conjure images of a world without separation, without ethnicities, without border, genderless, and showing the different expressions of love that might exist in such a world.

Classic clothing was mixed with items that have a street vibe, and sporty jerseys were covered in sequins, with a bold crash of contrasting traditional concepts, giving rise to a new look for this season. There were also a lot of hoodies, shirts, hats, and other unisex items. Onitsuka Tiger’s stylish worldview was given a fusion color kick, a la designer ANDREA POMPILIO, lighting the way for a new fashion blueprint, one with the freedom to explore and make your mark.

The models gathered for the big finale. Each was wrapped up in a new style concept, without distinction of gender or race, embodying the season’s theme of a multifaceted world without the constraints of labels or separation, and the freedom to love in your own special way. And right at the end, ANDREA POMPILIO took the stage, welcomed by a big round of applause, to close out this very special show.