【TIGER YOROI】Yoroi: this unique model derives its inspiration from the look of armor!

Say hello to the TIGER YOROI, a slip-on with a rather distinct look, thanks to its overlapping leather uppers, tongue design and other interesting features! As the name suggests, the YOROI comes from the Japanese word for armor, especially the style of the feudal era, which is blended with modern features to make for quite an impressive-looking shoe.

The TIGER YOROI embodies the attractive features of overlapping layers and physical activity, but it’s not simply the layer-upon-layer construction. Rather, the appeal is in its consideration of designing the flexible parts to bend easily, lending itself to ease of movement in any activity you choose to do. And the mouth of the shoe is surrounded by genuine leather, whose colors accent the shoe nicely.

The inner material is Ortholite, which provides superior cushioning as well as ventilation, so it feels really nice when you slip these on your feet. Plus, they’re lightweight. There are two color options: <PEACOAT> and <PORT ROYAL>, so you can rest easy with the familiar feel of leather and relaxed coloring.

The TIGER YOROI, with its fusion style and supple feel, is a unique shoe that you won’t want to miss.

Size:22.5-29.0,30.0, 31.0cm