【RINKAN BOOT】The glossy, genuine leather of this limited-quantity, premium model is a feather in your cap

The highly-rated RINKAN BOOT first made its appearance in Autumn / Winter 2012. Prepare to meet its all-new reboot. This is a special model, available in limited quantities, only at official Onitsuka Tiger retail outlets. The premium quality really shines through in the design.

Genuine leather uppers and eight-hole boot construction give this model a definitive masculine appeal. A rugged outersole is built onto the base with bulky toe area, for that big, heavy workboot look.

Some nice features of genuine leather are its quality and sheen, which look very sharp. That, along with a solid black color and minimal design, will have you leaving quite the impression.

The RINKAN comes with two types of laces, simple black and multicolored. Go with the colored laces when you feel like giving your outfit that extra little accent. So you can look forward to having the option to mix things up a bit, depending on your mood that day.

But there’s more; these are actually quite light and comfortable. That’s thanks in part to the Ortholite inside, which provides superior cushioning as well as a lightweight feel. They might be boots, but they feel nice and comfy like sneakers.

The special Japan-only RINKAN BOOT brings you both looks and functionality. But supplies are limited, so hurry up and check them out before it’s too late!