【Onitsuka Tiger meets AI TAKAHASHI】A collaboration project shoe with Ai Takahashi!

You certainly know her as an actor and model, but Ai Takahashi is making a name for herself as a fashion icon too, this time with a new collaboration shoe! This tie-up with Onitsuka Tiger will be in stores starting October 12th, as well as our online store.

Created with the concepts of “a shoe you can wear together with someone special” and “a sporty shoe that lets its feminine side shine through,” this shoe is packed with great ideas provided by Ai Takahashi! And it’s constructed with premium quality.

For this special project, Ai Takahashi’s thought of “petite girls should enjoy sneaker fashion too” was used in the selection of the CALIFORNIA 78 EX, which is known for its thick sole. Sneakers in the past were always sporty with a traditional design, and this model is bringing an all-new flavor.

We have two kinds for you, a cute CREAM X FROSTED ROSE, and BLACK x SANDSTORM.

CREAM x FROSTED ROSE has shiny material on its uppers, with an Onitsuka Tiger stripe in Ai Takahashi’s color of pink. Also, the lace eyelets have ribbons, to give it a dressy feel.
BLACK x SANDSTORM highlights the impact of the chic black luster. Orange rope laces, which can be used as spares, have a more masculine appeal. Both shoes showcase an objective worldview, as per the basic concept, and you can even wear them with a partner for an interesting color lineup.

And the design has some fun little details to check out.
The upper features an Onitsuka Tiger strip with clear polyurethane material, which is a hot trend now. You can find clear rubber on the sole too, for a special little accent. The sole is a classic thick shark sole, which provides even greater comfort. And these fit very nicely.

The CALIFORNIA 78 EX, with the flair of Ai Takahashi and some great little design details, is a shoe you can put together with opposing colors for a totally new look. This is one you’ll want to wear together with that special someone.