【GSM】These tennis type shoes have a unique sole that really leaves an impact

The GSM is known for its classic cut, and now they have a new women’s model.
The highlight of this shoe is the flowery color gradation of the sole. This shoe is a lot of fun to wear, it looks like it’s been flash-sprayed with a glorious array of colors.

The GSM, which stands for Game, Set, Match, was made in a vintage tennis shoe style. The design has a lot of fun details, like the zigzag shoelace eyelet pattern, and the uppers with ventilation holes.

The white uppers look clean and crisp, and the color gradation on the sole is a nice highlight. Featured here are 〈WHITE×ROSE WATER〉 and 〈WHITE×BLUE BELL〉. The tongue and logo are color-coordinated for a nice extra little impact.

The GSM matches very nicely with all kinds of items, leaving you plenty of options. The color gradation provides a great accent to your regular outfits, giving your usual look that extra little flair.