Aug 11 2018

Elisa Baker’s summer festival coordination@Panorama Festival 2018

PANORAMA」 is a music festival held on Randalls Island, New York from July 27–29.
Fashionable New Yorkers and music lovers from around the world gathered to hear The Weeknd, Janet Jackson, and THE KILLERS who headlined the event.

We asked the model and stylist Elisa Baker about her festival ensemble.
Festival wear true to NY which is a hub of trend is a must-see!

TIGER CORSAIR” is a standard festival shoe.
It is perfect in coordination with a track top and short pants as a festival ensemble for an adult.

A checked shirt dress will play the leading role. Boldly show your legs and create an active impression.

TSUNAHIKI AP” that was produced in collaboration with Andrea Pompilio, is a shoe to watch out for.
A zig-zag stitch which fringes the Upper and the rope laces will add a sense of playfulness to your ensemble!


A Printed T-shirt with the words “ONITSUKA TIGER NEW YORK CITY” as the key point of your outfit is perfect for the PANORAMA festival! This ensemble will accentuate the vividly colored TSUNAHIKI AP.

Snap shots of Onitsuka Tiger stylings taken at the PANORAMA festival will be constantly updated in our OT Magazine “SNAP”!
Take a look at Onitsuka Tiger’s festival stylings.

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Model:Elisa Baker/@bakerelisa
Photo:Kouichi Nakazawa (ZENI.LLC)/@koichicks