Aug 09 2018

【PICK UP】Spacious interior and ample lineup!Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East

Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East just opened in June 2018.
It is located on Shinjuku Street on the East side of Shinjuku Station, right across from the famed BICQLO building.

An approximately 2m long kumade (a bamboo rake to “rake in good fortune”) will catch your eye when you first walk in.
It has become a unique feature of the shop and some people have dropped by to take a commemorative photo (just let us know if you want us to take a photo of you with the rake!)

Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East which occupies three floors (1st – 3rd floor) boasts the largest floorspace in Japan and an ample selection of products so you can shop at a leisurely pace. There is also an elevator.

The 1st floor is the shoes floor. We have a wide array of shoes from our Standard models to our MADE IN JAPAN series.

The “MEXICO 66 SD” series is particularly popular this season.

The 2nd floor is the NIPPON MADE floor.
The NIPPON MADE series is Onitsuka Tiger’s premium line and is popular among both domestic and overseas customers.
Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East has the full lineup of NIPPON MADE series shoes, as well as apparel. You can also try our custom order service.

Our Custom Order service allows you to produce your own original shoes based on the MEXICO 66 DELUXE model by choosing your own materials and colors.

August has seen the arrival of the MEXICO 66 DELUXE made of soft goat leather! The MEXICO 66 DELUXE which is styled on Kabuki theater is also a very popular shoe.

In contrast to the brightly lit 1st and 2nd floors, the 3rd floor is a mode and chic apparel floor.

Multicolored printed T-shirts are now available.

Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East allows you to shop leisurely in a spacious shop made up of 3 floors.
Do drop by if you come to Shinjuku!

Onitsuka Tiger SHINJUKU EAST
Address 3-17-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6274-8974
OPEN 10:00
CLOSE 21:00