Jul 26 2018

【REPORT】Youn-a × NIPPON MADE Custom-order service

With NIPPON MADE Custom-order service, you can easily customize your own unique shoes by choosing your favorite materials and colors using the tablet computer at the store!

This service was limited to “Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE” until now, but is now being offered at “Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East” which opened on June 16.

Model Youn-a who came to the reception party tried out the custom-order service.
We asked her what she thought about it.

── What is the decisive factor in your design?

Using only 3 of my favorite colors. I am also conscious to use 3 colors when I coordinate what I wear. So, while I am matching various colors, I have a “this is it!” moment (laughs).

── When will you wear these shoes?

They are beautiful colors, so I will incorporate them with a casual outfit. Matching them with a skirt will look cute too!

── Do you wear sneakers more often as a mother?

Yes, I often do! My priority is comfort (laughs).

── What do you think of our sneakers for kids?

They are very cute! The designs are simple, so they are easy to coordinate. There are so many that I want, and it just won’t do!

── Are you impatient for your sneakers to arrive?

Yes, I anxiously await their arrival! When they do, I will wear them when I go out with my kids.

Youn-a completed the parts of her shoes in no time without second thoughts. She used natural beige as the underlying tone, with white and gold Onitsuka Tiger stripes as an accent.

With impeccable use of colors which are simple but show her personality, Youn-a’s sensibilities shine forth in these shoes.

<NIPPON MADECustom-order service>
Size:MEN 25.0-28.0, 29.0cm / WOMEN 23.0-25.0cm

*This service is available only at two stores, Onitsuka Tiger NIPPON MADE, and Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East.
*Orders will be ready in approximately 6 to 7 weeks.
*For reservations, please contact the store directly.

Onitsuka Tiger Shinjuku East
OPEN 10:00、CLOSE 21:00

Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE
OPEN 11:00、CLOSE 21:00