【TSUNAHIKI AP】This is something completely new—Tug of War shoes!

Introducing the TSUNAHIKI AP, a fusion model from the Onitsuka Tiger x ANDREA POMPILIO 2018 Autumn / Winter Collection!
This new model is based on Andrea Pompilio’s interpretation of the TSUNAHIKI previously on the market, and designed with a focus on fun.

It’s based on a tug of war competition shoe design. The rubber sole is created to transfer maximum force through your legs to the ground, it’s a really unique design, plus it has a very wide base. Also, the zigzag stitching on the uppers is a nice plus. The heel features an Onitsuka Tiger logo for a nice extra highlight.

It has two color options, CARBON×MID GREY, and DIRECTOIRE BLUE×BLACK. This shoe has a nice retro look, paying homage to the original 1982 version, along with some nice Andrea Pompilio signature updates and colors.

There are two shoelace options, cord, or rubber. The cord laces add a nice accent to the design, whereas the rubber laces give the shoe more of a slip-on feel.

The TSUNAHIKI AP, with some great pop colors. Check these out if you’re looking to really make an impact.