【SERRANO】This sneaker has a natural look, good for daily use

The SERRANO, popular with the ladies, has a new model with natural fabric.
It has a pale base color tone, along with the options of MID GREY, LILAC OPAL, and WHITE, making this versatile shoe a key part of your wardrobe that you can match with all kinds of different outfits and styles.

It features a pale color tone base with a Donegal tweed design. The white Onitsuka Tiger stripe gives it a fresh flavor.

The SERRANO design was inspired by a track and field spike developed in the 1970s. It has a nice thin sole with a raised toe.
What really stands out about the SERRANO is its smart, crisp shape.
It goes nicely with skinny jeans and skirts, and even makes the skinny look work for people who don’t normally wear it.

The SERRANO, even among other Onitsuka Tiger shoes, it’s a hot item.
We have a bunch of options for you to choose from, so come give us a visit and check them out.

Size:22.5-29.0,30.0, 31.0cm