【Onitsuka Tiger for narifuri】A collaboration shoe which includes a design feature for riding bicycles

The CALIFORNIA 78 EX is a collaboration shoe created together with narifuri, a fashion brand which features designs that are a meld of cycling functionality and streetwear. Look for it to hit stores on June 16th.

This is our first joint project with narifuri, a fashion brand known for its blend of cyclewear and casualwear, so it includes the nice added feature of being good for cycling.

The uppers are made with CORDURA, a dense fabric that can be seen widely in the narifuri apparel line. Along with this durable material, the toe and heel have embossed leather. Also, the tongue and heel have reflective material, increasing your visibility, and thus safety, at night.

The shoelaces have three options: Cord, Rubber, or Reflector material, with narifuri providing its guidance for the Rubber option, which is to be used with the pants cuff strap attached to the right shoe, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything caught in your chain while riding.

The front-center part of the sole, which comes into contact with the pedal, has extra durable Hard E.V.A., so you can dig in and do some real riding without having to worry about it falling apart.

These come in Black and Dark Blue, simple colors with camouflage on the heel and toe, as well as an original camouflage dot print on the insole, a construction embodying the essence of narifuri.

Along with the launch of the CALIFORNIA 78 EX, we have a new BAG launch, featuring the same upper material, colors, and camo pattern as the shoe.
This BAG has a shape that makes it easy to carry while riding your bike, and the drawcord has the same reflective material as well. Plus, the ONITSUKA TIGER lettering and shoulder pad are equipped with reflector coating too.

Now is your only chance to pick up this special collaboration project shoe, so don’t miss out!

〇About narifuri
narifuri is a fashion brand whose products are built to withstand the impact that cycling has on your shoes, while also allowing you to blend in when wearing them around town. The name narifuri comes from the combination of the Japanese words “nari,” which means appearance, and “furi,” which means behavior. So, in other words, when you wear narifuri, you’re upgrading your entire look.

Size :4-6H,7H-10,11,11H,12H,14inch

Color:0050 NAVY, 0090 BLACK
Size :F(W30×H47×D18.5cm)