【MEXICO 66 KNIT】These unique knit shoes really kick that summer vibe!

Introducing the MEXICO 66 KNIT, a knit-pattern version of ONITSUKA TIGER’S flagship model, the MEXICO 66!
Available starting May 25th at select Onitsuka Tiger stores.


BLACK / DARK BLUE features a multicolor geometric design on a black base, for a nonchalant feel and a look of effortless style.
CLASSIC RED / CREAM has a polka dot pattern with a bright red basic tone for a very seasonal look. Both options have great highlights to give your feet that extra little flair you’re searching for.

The knit material provides plenty of ventilation, to make your feet feel light and comfortable even in the sweltering midsummer heat. Also, since the primary characteristic of knit is that soft, resort vacation vibe, it’s perfect for your summer outfits. And it works especially well with shorts and denim. This is the season to show off your legs, so why not showcase them in the MEXICO 66 KNIT? These unique shoes give off a nonchalant vibe, because truly stylish people make looking good seem easy.


The MEXICO 66 KNIT boasts distinct sporty overtones, along with a nod toward fashion with its knit material. It really is an exquisite balance of light, airy comfort and a bright design. This is the summer shoe you’ve been waiting for!

Size :23.0-29.0,30.0,31.0cm