Apr 05 2018

【REPORT】Popular Thai actress, Yaya Urassaya’s custom order experience!

“NIPPON MADE Custom Order” service lets you choose materials and colors to produce customized shoes.

Thai actress Yaya Urassaya experienced this service. Ms. Yaya is gathering the world’s attention through her appearances in TV dramas, CM, and movies. The shoes that Ms. Yaya has produced are a must see!


“MEXICO 66 DELUXE” was used as a base model for her “NIPPON MADE Custom Order.”

The popular Onitsuka Tiger model “MEXICO 66” has been reimagined with new expression through Japanese craftsmanship.

While receiving an explanation, she determines the upper, Onitsuka Tiger stripes, material and color of the reinforcement members, lining material, the sole, and shoe lace color.


She is all business when producing her shoes.

She is creating her own unique shoes while imagining how the finished shoes will look.


One other appealing point about this service is that you can have the heels and the exterior of the shoes embroidered.

Ms. Yaya chose to embroider “トウキョウ” (Tokyo) and “9.2.18” (the date) onto them to commemorate where and when they were made.

The embroidery can be made in Japanese katakana (angular Japanese syllabary), hiragana (cursive Japanese syllabary), English, numbers, and symbols (some). We also recommend choosing a commemoration date or your own initials.


The design is completed in about 30 minutes!

The shoes have a mode aura with a silver base and black Onitsuka Tiger stripes. They are cool and elegant shoes becoming of Ms. Yaya.


※This service is limited to Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE shop.

This photo shoot was held especially at another shop.


<NIPPON MADE Custom-order service>
Size:MEN 25.0-28.0, 29.0cm / WOMEN 23.0-25.0cm

*Available only at Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE.
*Orders will be ready in approximately 6 to 7 weeks.

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Address:4-24-14, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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