【Onitsuka Tiger × TSUMORI CHISATO】Out Feb. 8th! This playful joint-project shoe has a Tiki theme

This collaboration project with fashion brand TSUMORI CHISATO is installment #2, available on February 8th.


Tsumori Chisato uses Onitsuka Tiger’s iconic model, the Mexico 66, as the canvas to draw her Tiki design.
Tsumori Chisato, a designer, was inspired by the Tiki theme while traveling in New Zealand. The Tiki is a god there, who gave birth to humanity, and is known mainly as the god of protection.
You can find that god in a big print on these uppers, in a big playful graphic, which will give your feet a fun look.


For colors, we have the Orange of the New Zealand sun, a fresh, natural Mint green, and Royal Blue, which conjures images of the deep blue sea.
There’s a machine-punched Onitsuka Tiger stripe, and a tongue enshrining the Tiki god it’s fun to check out all the fine details on this special shoe.

The Tiki also comes with two shoelace colors, white and green.
Change them up depending on your mood, or to add a nice highlight to your outfit.


TSUMORI CHISATO gives the Mexico 66 a breath of fresh air, for a special shoe with no rival like it anywhere else.

Color:0000(CREAM / CREAM)
Price:¥ 16,200 (TAX in)
Size:4-6H,7H-10,11-11H inch