Feb 01 2018

【INTERVIEW LOOK.2】Minami Takahashi— Introducing Look.2 Items!

Installment #2 of Minami Takahashi new arrivals!


Here we see Minami Takahashi in a bomber jacket and skirt. Her outfit finds just the right balance of cool and cute, so this kind of look would probably work well with smaller girls. In this interview she gives us all kind of information about lifestyle changes after getting married, like her mental state, how people view her, and various anecdotes. Don’t miss this one!

This ladies’ bomber jacket is made with shape-memory polyester, which makes for a simple, oversized look. It’s easy to put together with lots of different kinds of bottoms, so it’s a handy item to have in your wardrobe.

Under the jacket she went with a simple t-shirt with logo.

And together with that she has a khaki skirt, coordinating a seasonal color for a more feminine flair.

For her sneakers, she has the vintage flavor of the GSM. The smoky red really accents the look, giving the feet a nice bright highlight.

¥25,920(TAX in)/OKJ780.0090

¥5,400(TAX in)/OKT123.0123

¥14,040(TAX in)/OKP766.0087

¥11,880(TAX in)/TH5K1L.2690


Minami remarks on the comfort of the GSM, “I can’t believe the fit, it’s so good! I have small feet, so often I’ll have these long laces dangling down while I’m walking. But these fit really well so I don’t have to worry about tugging on the laces lot to adjust them, it’s really nice!”

The GSM has excellent cushioning, and a nice thick outer sole for great support, but with an overall light feeling. And there are so many different color variations, you should definitely be able to find a nice match for pretty much any outfit you have, so feel free to come and check these out to see which work for you.