【GSM】Introducing new winter colors that really show that vintage look!

The GSM, known for its simple design and vintage looks, now has new colors!
You can reserve a pair on the online store starting December 8th, and they go on sale at some of our brick and mortar stores starting December 22nd.

GSM is a tennis shoe whose name is an abbreviation of Game / Set / Match. There are two new colors to choose from.

The White x Navy offers a basic color option. This impressive shoe features a powerful Onitsuka Tiger stripe that will really catch your eye. The other option is White x Tandoori Spice, with bright lines that really stand out, along with a sporty, casual look.



The GSM is based on a tennis shoe on the market in the 80s. There are lots of great design features you don’t want to miss, like the zig-zag eyelets and ventilation holes in the uppers, as well as the small design points. The GSM is an easy fit with all kinds of different situations, and is super comfortable.
You definitely want to get yourself a pair of these, they’re sure to be one of your all-time favorites.

Price:¥11,880(TAX in)

Price:¥11,880(TAX in)